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Submitted on
September 21, 2013


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Halloween Contest 2013 - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 21, 2013, 9:44 AM

ALRIGHT GUYS! The contest is now closed!

Thank you all for the wonderful entries! It will be hard to judge only three of them as winners (which is why I have asked some people help me out).

17 entries came in, which means the 2000:points: price is out, sorry! But since over ten entries came in, the first price winner still wins 1000:points: and more! 

I will need a while to judge, but I shall get it done atleast within this week! 

Hope everyone had a cool halloween! ` v ´

It's official;
the contest is OPEN!

New update! : 

Me and ShadersHQ made a secret deal after the 1000:points: thing
that if over 20 entries are in, the first place wins the total of 2000:points: !

So for that to be reached, we need 20 entries (only eight to go at the moment!)

NOW! To the theme:

The theme is: Trick or Treat!

Basically what you must do is to draw your character, together with your friend(s) character, trick or treating in costumes! 


-The characters can be any species
-They can wear any costumes- Whether it is a witch's costume, a canon character's costume or their friend's costume
-The picture MUST include your character(s) and your friend(s) character(s)! Also they must wear costumes
-You can also write your entry! You can write a mini-story about when the characters trick or treat (but make it special by adding a plot twist!)
-You can enter as many times as you wish (though you can only win with one entry)
-You must comment here with your entry so I can see it
-Have fun!


1st place: 
:bulletred:2000:points: from :iconshadershq: (ONLY IF 20 ENTRIES ARE IN)
:bulletgreen:1000:points: from :iconshadershq:
:bulletblack:A Full picture from me
:bulletblack:Catalyst drawing from :iconshadershq:
:bulletblack:Full drawing from :iconduskripper:
:bulletblack:3 chibi drawings from :icongabrielalexmonteiro:
:bulletblack:  1 character full body, shaded from :iconlancer88:

2nd place:

:bulletblack:A one-character picture (with transparent background) from me
:bulletblack:Full drawing from :iconduskripper:
:bulletblack:2 chibi drawings from :icongabrielalexmonteiro:
:bulletblack: 1 character chibi from :iconlancer88:

3rd place:

:bulletblack:50:points: from me
:bulletblack:A sketch drawing from me
:bulletblack:Full drawing from :iconduskripper:
:bulletblack:1 chibi drawings from :icongabrielalexmonteiro:
:bulletblack:1 llama badge

If any one wants to add on prices, that'd be amazing! You can still join if you donate prices.

Winners will be judged by: 50% creativity, 30% artistic skill and 20% effort

Now, hope you want to join!! ovo

Thank you SO SO MUCH to :iconshadershq: for adding the big prices! It means alot!! ;v;
also thank you for all who adds prices! You're all awesome!! :heart:


Happy Not-So Halloween!  "The stupid costume won't fit!" my friend, Icy, complained. I looked back at my friend and tried not to laugh. Icy glared at me " What's so funny, Glo?! " " I'll tell you what's funny, " I laughed. " You! " She looked down at her self and flicked her tail irritably. She was trying to go as a witch, but right now she looked like a zombie. Her hat was tilted and her clothes were ripped everywhere. If she weren't a cat, I would have suggested makeup. 
 " Whatever. " she grumbled, though I could tell she was beginning to laugh also. " What are we going to do? " Icy whimpered, my costume is ruined and it's almost dark! The little kittens would have taken all the candy by now! " She's right. Little kittens go out early so it's not so scary, so that means they get first dibs. " Well we just need to think quickly! " I say and begin to think searching the room for ideas. I run over to the costume box and beginning pulling things out. On the way, I trip on my Ravenclaw robe and
Trick Or Treat! by Gravitii-CStrick or treat! (contest) by purr-snicketyHalloween by BlackStar-Super
Holloween Contest Entry by TwistWindRAM's Fun House Of Slaughter!! by ShadersHQ2013 Halloween Contest Entry by Hanyuu-Kitty-chanHappy Halloween! by Jade-of-the-Stones Funky HouseFunky House
I pulled the scarlet sucker out of my mouth with a smack. Mm. One succulent sweet ball of red dye secretly made from dried, crushed bugs, artificial flavorings, and sugar, topped upon a stiff white paper stick. Heaven. Around me, my fellow buffoons I called elementary school classmates were chattering away like incessant cicadas about Halloween, what they were going to dress up as, who was going with cetera. I sneered as I crunched the sugary confection. Idiots. Was there really a need to give a sixteen-sentence monologue about the sequins on their sugarplum fairy gowns? Yes, I had an odd quirk for alliteration. Sue me, you scoundrel. 
"Suzy!" My two friends called, walking in. A grin lit up my face, and I waved furiously back at them. Oh, my saviors from this swamp of boredom!
Jewel and Brianna, my two faithful friends. How I loved them with all my heart.
Brianna, my redheaded ruffian. She was the lucky possessor of sanguine strands. I always wished I had th
ONWARD to le CANDEH by Flashpelt1Trick or Treat (Contest entry) by Whitewolfie666..:Halloween 2013:.. by SpiritFluffehHuskyHalloween Contest by Jclay251 Glow's Spooky Trick or Treat
    The night was dark...
    The air, a crisp fall breeze winding through the streets of the twolegplace...
    The sky, clouds eclipsing the moon...
    The time was ripe for haunts and scares...
    Halloween Special... Glow’s Spooky Trick or Treat
    “I got myself a haul of candy. Che-che-che-che...”
    Glow giggled as she walked down the street, carrying the huge and noticeable bag full of candy in her jaws. The straps looked like they were about to break under the weight. She struggled even to hold it up, taking a break every so often to rest her numb mouth.
    She was at the northern part of the Twolegplace, last stop before heading back to her house. The streets were paved with decorations from the twolegs, and up here, everyone went all out on the decor. Everywhere Glow looked, there were at least a huge spider web, a skeleton, and fake blood splatters across the
-Princess, Knight and Peasant- (Halloween Contest) by WaterPhoenixWarrior

Deadline is November 5 (a bit after halloween for some extra time! `v� )

Skin by pjuk (modified by wicked-est)
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Just wanted to let you know that I submitted my new contest entry. I have the same picture, but it goes with a short story now. Hope you like it.

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